Enrichment Program

Welcome to you and your family to another great year at Jonata Middle School and Oak Valley Elementary. Both schools have an amazing group of students who come from an amazing group of parents. We strive to keep our kids at the head of the class, but due to the State Government financial restraints placed on the school district it makes it harder than ever. This is why we need your help!

The PTSA has created an Enrichment Program were we get to keep 100% of the money raised, which will directly benefit your children 100%! With your assistance, we can raise more funds in order to enrich the education and help fill in the areas where both Jonata and Oak Valley need help in educating your children. Our goal is to eliminate some of the outside fundraising companies where we only get 50% to 60% of what is raised.

We have created two ways for families to contribute:

1.  Join and sign up for a Monthly Tax Deductible Donation to be automatically debited from your bank account or credit card and credited to the PTSA Enrichment Program. A suggested donation would be $10.00 per month, per student. Complete and return the attached electronic funds sign-up form in the envelope provided to student’s teacher or school office. 


 2.  A One-Time Tax Deductible Donation of a minimum of $10.00 cash or check per student. Place the cash or check (payable to Jonata/OV PTSA) in the envelope provided and complete the information on the outside then return to student’s teacher or school office. 

Through the Enrichment Program if each of our approximately 700 students combined at both schools had parents willing to give as little as $10 per month, per student, it would equate to $84,000.00 per year!! That’s enough to fund our current programs and needs and so much more! 

We recognize that during these economic times many families are feeling difficulties, but your children also deserve the best possible education and with your assistance we can make this happen.  Our goal for this year is 50% participation in the monthly donation program ($42,000.00 per year) and 50% in the one-time donation ($3,500.00 per year). We are hoping that if everyone gives a little, then our school and our children will gain a lot!

If you have any questions please contact the PTSA at [email protected].

The PTSA extends our sincere thanks for your help in giving our children the education they deserve.  Remember what you give, your children benefit 100%!


~Jonata/Oak Valley PTSA Enrichment Program